welfare development


Schools are community agencies whose prime concern is teaching and learning. As learning communities, schools must be concerned about the well-being of young people for whom they are responsible. Student welfare is, therefore, a basic aspect of the work of all involved in education. To guide individual development in the social context within and beyond the school is a major aim of education. It is therefore important for schools to establish policies and practices which provide for the pastoral care and welfare of all student. This need is particularly important today because of the social problems which have emerged in a society of rapid change. As a student being future of any society, at Ahlcon Heights International school we pride in inculcating moral, ethical and social values in our students through various awareness campaigns, rallies, debates and activities.

Some of the recent eventsare:

Students were taken to an old age home where they spend a whole day
with the elderly people and shared meals with them. the whole experience helped in realizing the value
of elders, their emotions and creating a better place for everyone living around us.

A home for differently-abled: A field trip was organized recently for the children of the
pre-primary section to ‘Gharonda Ashram’. The guide at the Ashram explained to the children what all
hardships are faced by differently-abled people how society can create an opportunity for then to get
educated and be self-reliant. This visit also helped to instil confidence in the children to go out of their
familiar surroundings and proceed together as a team to make the world to live happily as an individual
without any discrimination.

World environment day celebration: being part of this ever-changing world. we
have to act responsibly and make every effort to save this world for our future generation. Tree
plantation was organized and class-wise responsibility was given to nurture the plants under the
supervision of teacher and Gardner. this activity gave a sense of responsibility and pride as they took
care of plants.

The school has organized a campaign in
coordination with different NGOs and sempura church. during this campaign, students collected grains,
clothes and other essentials and distributed among the needy to support them and bring a smile on their
faces. students have a sense of satisfaction that they have done something special for someone.

Students were taken to Civil lines road and were made to interact
with traffic police to get a better understanding of traffic rules and traffic light. this trip enlightened
them about the rules and regulations they need to follow as an individual and maintaining a safe
environment for themselves as well as society.