About Us

Our History

Ahlcon Heights International School was Inaugurated on 18th, JANUARY 2015. The school is spread on the campus of 16 acres in an unpolluted, inspiring and happy environment. The wired campus offers the best in terms of the facilities required to enhance learning outcomes. The academic blocks, smart classrooms, subject laborites, library, computer lab, indoor sports room, sports field and many more for the functional clusters of care and safety.
At Ahlcon Heights we provide a deep sense of commitment to provide innovative education is the foundation for such an educational endeavour. Ahlcon Heights Sagar as an ALMA MATER, underlay roots to educate in a sustained stabilized learning environment to have a firm grip on the concepts they study and the culture for growing their personality. In view, childhood has devised such an educational pattern where you will find a blend of Indian tradition and western advanced pedagogy to provide a conducive environment.
We offer a child an environment where dream flourish, thinking process is stimulated, learning abilities are awakened and one is willing to experiment. With knowledge, we have also adopted the motto “LEARNING WHILE PLAYING” where each & every room is built theme and concept that enables the child to associate with learning as well as playing altogether.


Student learning, well-being, achievement and progress are the main concern of our management.
They bridge the gap between the community and the school board.

mr. Om Prakash Rathore


Smt. Kamlesh Rathore


Dr. Rajeev Rathore

Managing Director

Mrs. Tripti Rathore


Mr. Sanjeev Rathore

Special Educator/ Counsellor

Vision & Values

We at Ahlcon Heights International School Sagar, M.P. Strive for a world of Development, Humanity, Equality, Unity, Honesty & Peace, promoting the ethos of Moral values & Principles, imparting quality education. The main purpose is to nurture and shape the potential of Ahlconic kids irrespective of socio-economic disparities by providing them holistic education, by creating opportunities through curricular and co-curricular activities, engendering in them varied skill-sets. Creating a fuel of progress and growth in each other and facilitate a child’s journey of self- exploration as an individual, a social being & a global citizen.