student council


The Student Council Functions as an advisory body for all matters about student activities and is at
the heart of student life at Ahlcon Heights International School. The Student Council helps share
students’ ideas, interests and concerns with teachers and Principal. The purpose of the student council is
to allow students to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and
service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare,
the student council is the voice of the student body. The school follows an exhaustive, democratic
process that involves peers, teachers and the interested students to choose the members of the Student
Council. As an initiative to provide students with more opportunity to explore and devolve their interest
school has organised some clubs.

Following are the clubs:

English Literary Club of Ahlcon Heights is an organ of motivational force
to many aspiring students who want to excel in all-round activities of an academic session. club aims to
introduce the young readers of the English language to the vast world of English Literature. The
inevitability of English can’t be denied in the modern world as it is widely spoken GLOBAL –
LANGUAGE, enriched with great lit. Works of innumerable writers, play rights and poets. The purpose
of the club is to create an interest in reading and understanding the aesthetic and moral beauty of
English Literature Among students, further binding and strengthening the threads of various culture,
religion and language together. Thus, to meet there expectations, club perform activities throughout the
year. The club aims at discovering and grooming many budding talents who may win applauds of many
as – amazing writers, singers, actors, anchors, orators etc. the club organizes activities like – debates,
quizzes, creative writing, crosswords etc.

The Hindi literary club was conceived in honour of Mahadevi Verma. The
club has been created with these objectives:
To inculcate a sense of pride about an Indian language and understand the importance of Hindi
To develop students’ literary skills in Hindi through a series of enjoyable activities
Exposure to classical Hindi language and literature
To prepare students to excel in various district and national level competitions and events.

The Environment Club is an awareness-based club which has been organized
to sensitize the students about our environment and teaching them ways to protect it. The students of
Ahlcon Heights have successfully taken the eco – friendly initiative forward. Club has helped the
students to comprehend the ill – effects of harming our environment. They are motivated to plant trees,
stop the use of plastics and use of those resources which can save electricity and stop pollution. The
main aim of the eco-club is the cleanliness drive students through participation in role-play campaign
puppet show has helped spread the message of this club as well as the importance of precluding the
activities which mar the ecological balance of our earth and implement those ideas which can help us to
secure our future through sustainable development. This step towards a safe future by avoiding the
sluttish activities and undertaking clean ways will be a perfect example for posterity.

The Ahlcon Height Science Club provides opportunities for students to explore the
idea of science. The goal of the club is to develop scientific skill in every student. All the students are
considered as members of the Science Club. The major activities conducted throughout the year are
Science Exhibition, Science News, Science Olympiad, Quiz, Disease Awareness Campaign, best out of
waste, workshop and industry visits. Activities are conducted on class, intersection and inter class level
to explore the best outcome. These activities promote the wise use of Science and Technology. The aim
of the club is also to sanitize the students towards the environment by making projects on the topic of
conservation of natural resources. The club is a blend of knowledge and entertainment which teaches
the use of Science and Technology wisely and judicially.

Heritage Club in the school is about discovering the culture and heritage of our
country as well as other heritage sites around the world. Heritage Club is also an attempt to understand
all aspects that make the identity of our Indian civilization or any other civilization in the world. The
main focus of the club is on places of importance of cultural or natural heritage as described in the
UNESCO World Heritage Convention; discussions, presentations and activities on world heritage sites
in India; the importance of monuments, buildings, churches, mosques, tombs etc. and their
‘Conservation, research on International Heritage Sites and its relevance and awareness programmes in
school on how to protect and preserve our monuments and our Heritage Sites. Along with the
discussion on these points, the students are encouraged to visit heritage sites so that they can feel close
and proud of their own country and its history.

The club aims to provide a platform for the school’s music talent – helping them
master their skills at singing or a musical instrument and their ability to perform individually or in a
group. Being an integral part of the club, the school choir performs at various school events and
represents the school in various inter and intra school competitions.

This club works towards identifying the sporting talent at our schools.
Sportsmanship lies at the heart of this club as it drives students to be their best on the field, providing
opportunities at inter and intra competitions. Through the club, the school’s talent can observe, analyse
and judge performances of them and their peers. The club also works towards developing selfconfidence
and self-esteem through positive sporting experience.

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