school campus

Our school is splendidly laid out over  16 acres of land, which includes academic blocks, smart classrooms, subject laboratories, library, computer lab,
an outdoor sports field and also an indoor sports room for the sake of ensuring our students safety and wellness and much more.

science labs

We have all the science subject labs including- physics, chemistry and biology.
Since we believe that science labs allow students to interact directly with the data that is gathered. Also, they will be getting a first-hand learning experience by performing different experiments on their own.

Computer lab

We dispense a computer lab to our students inside the premises so as to enhance their scientific and technological research and invention capacity. Moreover students can invest their free time in learning programming, automation and to improve basic computer skills.

music room

Music is an extremely important subject for all children to learn and to lead a better brain development. Also, it reliefs stress. Thats why at Ahlcon Heights, we provide a music room wherein all the instrument’s lessons are offered.

audio visual room

The audio-visual room is a place where the students of all classes experience learning in an effective way. It leaves a deeper impact as it involves greater attention in the act of learning and helps the child to retain the concepts taught in class. Our school has laid out an audio visual room to serve our children in the best way possible.

Yoga room

We provide our students with a fitness room so as to increase their learning capability. Physical fitness has both immediate and long-term effects on learning. Immediately after physical activity, students focus better in the classroom. Over time, physical fitness has shown to improve learning in
reading, math and writing skills.

gym arena

Incorporating strength training and new equipment into our school gym helps to develop lifelong healthy habits, increase learning, improve collaboration and result in a healthier community overall.

Ball arena

Playing with balls improves motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing, which are important parts of the developmental progression of toddlers in a school.

Doll arena

Playing with toys such as dolls or kitchens can lead children to use their imaginations while developing their social, emotional and language skills. These types of toys help children learn to interact with others and lead directly to real life situations within a child’s environment.

Art and craft arena

Arts and craft activities help instil a sense of achievement and pride in children, boosting their self-confidence. The opportunity to create whatever a child desires helps develop creativity. A child will learn to make correct and effective decisions by facing and solving artistic challenges.


School libraries provide more than just books, computers and other technology, they provide databases of accurate information, e-books, plus, fun and educational activities. School libraries provide a safe heaven for all students to think, create, share, and grow.

dining arena

A good dining space is an excellent opportunity to give them an experience of a dining situation, which they may or may not get at home. It also promotes social skills and a time to sit and eat with friends, providing time away from the pressures of the classroom.


School playgrounds provide accessible physical activity opportunities for all types of children being in a safe, supervised setting. Physical activities in a school playground can reduce the burdens and demands on busy teaching staff to facilitate physical activity.

counselling room

School counselors also provide support to teachers by serving an important part of the complete team that addresses the educational goals and needs of their students. They can help, plan classroom and group activities that meet the student’s needs.


With more room to operate, teachers can set up learning stations known as a classrooms, where students can learn with all five senses rather than digest and just vomit information, they can process it, challenge their assumptions, and expand intellectual horizons

smart room

Smart classes provide an interactive atmosphere which results in more transparency between teachers and students. This helps in establishing a connection, so that students can easily express through touching, writing and drawing.

Beginning at an early age, Montessori nurtures order, concentration, and independence. Intentional classroom design, materials, and daily routines support the student’s emerging “self-regulation” (the ability to educate one’s self, and to think about what one is learning), in toddlers through adolescents.

Safety First

At our school in Sagar the students’ safety is equally important as quality education is.
High-end CCTV cameras continuously monitor all the activities on our premises.