Student learning, well-being, achievement and progress are the main concern of our management.
They bridge the gap between the community and the school board.

mr. Om Prakash Rathore


Smt. Kamlesh Rathore


Dr. Sanjeev Rathore

Managing Director

Mr. Rajeev Rathore

Special Educator/ Counsellor

Mr. rajeev RATHORE

Mr. Rajeev Rathore, our special educator/counsellor, is an optimistic person and believes in the best in people. His ambition as a school counselor/special educator is to help each student work to their potential and also to assist parents and teachers in achieving this goal.  His qualification in human psychology has provided him with success in helping students to identify and change their way of thinking and beliefs. Besides, he has assisted students to be aware of automatic thoughts and have implemented behavioral techniques and cognitive modification. He feels that structured, directive sessions and implementing a variety of techniques, including journal writing and art therapy, have produced positive results and have opened lines of communication.