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About School

No. 1 Branded School Of Sagar Ahlcon Heights is a Co-Educational School where we take a pride in calming that we stand amongst one of the best branded school in sagar .
The school spread picturesque campus of 16 acres in an unpolluted inspiring and happy environment. The wired campus offers the best in terms of facilities required to enhance learning outcomes. The academic blocks, smart classrooms, subject laborites, library, computer lab, indoor sports room and sports field etc.fo r the functional clusters of care and safety. The school was Inaugurated on 18 /Jan/2016.
A deep sense of commitment to provide innovative education is the foundation for such an education endeavor.
In view, Bachpan has devised such an educational pattern where you will find a blend of Indian tradition and western, advanced pedagogy to provide conducive environment which helps to identify the potential of children, their talent, their imagination and their roads of creativity as each child is an untapped house of talent, skills and capabilities.
We offer child an environment where dream flourish, thinking process is stimulated ,learning abilities are awakened and one is willing to experiment with knowledge ,we have also adopted the motto “LEARNING WHILE PLAYING” where each & every room is built theme and concept that enables the child to associate with

  • The play school has
  • Pre primary activity room
  • Art and crafts room
  • Audiovisual room
  • Colorful classrooms
  • Educational equipment/Toys room
  • Computer Room
  • Indoor/Outdoor games
  • Doll room
  • Gym Arena Ballroom splash pool sand pit
  • & much more

Our goal

AHLCON HEIGHTS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is to provide value based education which is a blend of modern curriculum & Indian tradition and our aim is to the all rounder development of children & present to the society balanced, healthy ,positive , perceptive ,ethical an patriotic individuals
Our school where the quality matters we do encourage all the Ahlcon’s to take the canvas of hope and the brush of glorious vision and paint their own portrait of excellences our school motto "Aspiring for Excellence".