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School Mission

To help my children achieve thier ambition is my big dream. Ahlcon Heights SAGAR

(ahlcon heights International school sagar) We inspire and motivate students to become adventurous and brave explorers not afraid to take risks eager to tread on new parts and make new friends. we narture them in to learners who are tough in spirit but flexible in mind,in to goal setters who pursue their dreams and shape their ambition with single minded purpose but who achieve these in an abundantly joyful liberal and boundary less ambience.

It is our endeavour to provide value oriented learning opportunities that cultivate the mind enrich the live of our children and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The educational community strives for excellence by preparing student for learning beyond their school years and assisting them to become life long learners as well as helping them to be self directed realistic and responsible decision makers.

Ahlcon Heights sagar as an ALMA MATER underlay roots to its educatte in the sustained stabilized learning environment to have a firm grip on the concepts they study and the culture for growing their personality. It also provides wings in the form of their creative imagination to soar high in their live to fulfil their endeavour.

My aim is to nurture the overall development of the child as when hi is out his shell he can face the present challenging world and let his achievements reach to the pinnacle so that he is capable of fulfilling his dreams of looking after the family, society and nation.