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Ahlcon Heights International School is a Co-Educational School where we take a pride in calming that we stand amongst one of the best branded school in sagar . The school spread picturesque campus of 16 acres in an unpolluted inspiring and happy environment. The wired campus offers the best in terms of facilities required to enhance learning outcomes. The academic blocks, smart classrooms, subject laborites, library, computer lab, indoor sports room and sports field etc. for the functional clusters of care and safety.

We at Ahlcon Heights International School Sagar, M.P. Strive for a world of Development, Humanity, Equality, Unity, Honesty & Peace, promoting the ethos of Moral values & Principles, imparting quality education. The main purpose is to nurture and shape the potential of Ahlconic kids irrespective of socio-economic disparities by providing them holistic education, by creating opportunities through curricular and co-curricular activities, engendering in them varied skill-sets. Creating a fuel of progress and growth in each other and facilitate a child’s journey of self- exploration as an individual, a social being & a global citizen.

Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident, and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.


Social events break up the normal routine and  help students to build relationships, understand different perspectives
and engage other cultures. Hereby, we conduct ample events for student’s condolence.

Ahlconic teachers displaying their skills .

Kids celebrating Father’s Day.

Creative name writing activity by junior ahlconites.

3 day Teacher development program conducted by Ms. Aishwarya Mohan. Great sessions on Classroom management, time management,, teacher development.

Calligraphy by Mrs. Shobha Dixit, dance by Ms. Swati Vishwakarma, Art & craft by Mr. Harsh Chaturvedi.

Ahlconic kids drew posters to create awarness for saving Mother Earth, reminding to take good care of our Environment.


by Miss. Richa Namdev..
🧷Basic grammar
🧷Formation of sentences
🧷Group discussions
🧷Communication skills
🧷Listening skills
🧷Body language
🧷Self confidence
🧷Public speaking
🧷Good manners and grooming

by Mr. Shaheed Khan..
🧷 Singing
➖karaoke singing
➖ Congo
➖jazz drum
🧷 harmonium
🧷mini instruments
🧷 overcoming mic fear

by Mr. Faizan Khan
🧷 taekwondo
🧷fitness strategies
🧷self defense
🧷 weight loosing tips
🧷healthy lifestyle


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Online Courses

We here at Ahlcon Heights offer a lot of things to uplift and brighten up the future of our students.
Ahclon Heights provides the students with the latest knowledge, upgraded technology, and a healthy environment.

German & French

Language courses sharpen minds and improves performance in other academics.


Arts  encourage creativity and build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity.


Learning music promotes craftsmanship & allows us to reduce the stress.


Learning to cook will help you understand world cultures,
life skills, customs and flavors.

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